Spring School 2021


X Spring School

“IoT, economic and management challenges for e-health integration in the enlarged Europe”

CEI Cooperation Activity

within the Higher Education in Clinical Engineering (SSIC-HECE) Master’s Programme

Trieste 18th-21st May 2020

The Spring School (due to restrictions on COVID-19) will be held next year (2021) – May 17th 20th

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Outline of the topics 

The 10th edition of the Spring School will take place at University of Trieste (Italy) and will be organized in talks and workshops, involving experts in the fields of clinical engineering, economics, health ICTs, and management, on the following topics:

  • IoT for e-health in the Europe 2020
  • Advances in hospital and clinical information systems and their integration
  • Quality standards in health
  • Quality and certification of software, medical devices, and mHealth Applications
  • E-procurement and e-logistics in health
  • Advances in telemedicine and e-care
  • Clinical Engineering in the Europe 2020
  • Integrated care in the Europe 2020
  • Funding opportunities for Research and Innovation


University of Trieste – Department of Engineering and Architecture, piazzale Europa



e-mail: tutor.ssic@dia.units.it

Department of Engineering and Architecture

c/o prof. Agostino Accardovia A. Valerio, 1034127 Trieste (Italy)



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